Tesori Italiani Valentine’s Day Catalogue

I am excited about the curated Valentine’s Day gift items that are being made for us! Quantities are very limited, so please email soon if you want to purchase anything. Here is the link to the catalogue:



The olive dishes and the wine stoppers are on the way. Anastazija is surprising me with a new design for the wine stoppers that she has created just for us, so it is not pictured yet. I should receive them next week and post a photo on the blog, as well as in the catalogue

The leather pouch is already half sold out. Wish I could have ordered more, but everything is slowed down in Florence due to the recent lockdowns.

Best thing about all the Tesori Italiani items is that unlike Valentine’s chocolate, they are calorie free!


Whoo hoo! scarf promo.

This time of year when winter seems to be going on endlessly, I feel the need for something bright and fun. With Valentine’s Day still a month away, I will stay on my New Year’s diet in order to eat mega amounts of chocolate then. For now, I think a new scarf is just the thing to cheer me up!

Those of you who have shopped with me in Florence know about the beautiful scarves Ricardo has in his shop.

He has offered us a deal for online orders! Go to massimoravinale.com and you can see all the scarves available for purchase. At checkout, put MAREN2021 in the promo code and you will receive 10% off. Orders over 150 euro have free shipping too! I bought the red giglio big scarf just before I left Florence last November, and have been wearing it all the time. It looks great with jeans and a white tee shirt or sweater. Just the thing to brighten up a winter’s day. I can’t decide which one to buy now…Maybe the Long Scarf Mondo di Colori – Celeste Giallo. The warm colors really appeal to me in the chilly, gray weather here in Seattle. Staying safe and mostly at home now is important, but I am committed to maintaining some style! I am wearing my beautiful Italian gold jewelry, silver jewelry and scarves. Even if it is with leggings and sweatshirts!

From Tuscany with Love

I am having a bit of difficulty obtaining items for the Tesori Italiani St. Valentino catalogue. All of the workshops and stores have been closed for weeks, and merchandise is very scarce. I have been able to secure several items, but in very limited numbers! This is a bracelet from the silversmith. They call it the Nuggets Bracelet. My best friend bought one when she was with me in Florence, and she loves it. It looks great alone, or stacked with other bracelets. The price will be $88, plus shipping.

I have also been able to purchase more of the little leather boxes like these, but in a heart shape- red, of course, for Valentine’s Day. It is lined in velvet and top quality. Price will be $68.00, plus shipping.

As per the suggestion of several of you, I have found a nice soft leather zip top bag. It is small enough to fit into a little handbag, and perfect for those items that seem to disappear in a larger bag! Red leather with gold giglo pattern embossed. Price TBA, as I have not been able to confirm with the leather craftsman.

Back by popular demand it the Florentine note paper with envelopes, and the note pads in the red giglio pattern. Note cards are $16, pads are $6.

I am hoping that I can obtain this beautiful red wooden pen made by a local artisan. Think it will make a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

I have selected this lovely silk scarf to add to the collection. It is 120cm x 120cm silk twill. I love how the combination of colors make it easy to wear with many outfits. The price will be $120, plus shipping.

An olive dish in this pattern is in the making. It is a great design, with one section for olives, and one for the pits. There will be wine stoppers in pink and red Renaissance design also. for $10, plus shipping.

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for any of these items, please send me an email asap.

Buona giornata from Chia and me!

Looking Forward!

With the major winter holidays behind us, I find myself looking forward to my favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day!

In Italy Valentine’s Day has a long and interesting history. There are ancient roots to this holiday in Roman culture. Juno Februtis, god of purification and fertility, was worshipped, and the feast of Lupercalia took place on February 15. The eve of Lupercalia, February 14th, the names of young Roman women were drawn from an urn by young men. They became “betrothed” for at least the following year.

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am going to assemble a curated catalogue of Tuscan artisan gifts. I am currently working with several of my favorite artisans, and will have more information in the coming weeks. Here is one of the items I am considering: a long silk and wool scarf in cherry red.

And just for fun, here is a photo of the display window at Valentino in Florence.

Christmas Lights in Florence

In Florence at Christmastime there are white lights on every single street. One street will have stars, one will have snowflakes, one will have candy canes, etc. The entire front of the Rinascente department store is covered in white lights. Click to see a video produced by The Florentine newspaper.

The Tesori Italiani gift project has been a huge hit! I have been shipping items all over the country, and as far as Australia. The artisans in Tuscany are very happy to have had some business these days, and the clients who bought the items are thrilled. As one client said, “Those Florentine artisans know a thing or two about quality, beauty and craftsmanship!”

I still have a few of the salt and pepper shakers if you need a last minute gift, and can ship 3 day delivery.They are $55 plus shipping.

There are also one of each color leather box available at $58, plus shipping.

Greetings from Chia who is ALL about her dinner…..Copy and paste the link in your browser to see!

Wishing you all a safe and lovely holiday season!

Pecorino and Honey

In Florence, one of my favorite aperitivi to serve is the delicious Tuscan Pecorino cheese with the local milifiore honey. Back here in Seattle, I have to settle for different honey, but using my beautiful little honey spoon from the silversmith in Florence almost makes up for it!

Both this honey spoon and the Chiave necklace are hand made by the Bussotti family in their workshop just outside of Florence.

They have been producing beautiful silver pieces and jewelry since 1970. They are thrilled to be included in my Tesori Italiani gift boxes. The necklace sells for $72.00 and the honey spoon $48.00. If you want one, just email me and I can ship to you in time for Christmas. The link to the whole catalogue of Italian gift items I curated is:

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