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Florence is famous for its leather with good reason. The lightweight, supple, buttery texture of the leather lends itself to beautifully fitting jackets and coats. The short jacket is very popular now: wear it with jeans, over a dress, with a skirt. The standard colors are black, camel, red and chocolate brown, but we are seeing new colors like blue and green as well.


The shearling coats are something to behold! This coat is an olive green leather with chinchilla trim-surprisingly lightweight and warm. The shearlings come both with and without fur trim. These coats lend themselves to everything from jeans to dressy clothing.

What do I love most about the leather coats? Throw them on over a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, and you have instant style.
purple reversiblecream jacket

The small leather goods: belts, wallets, gloves, etc. abound here in Florence. I love the store with two rooms of just gloves! The Italians have such a great sense of classic style with a twist. A little stitching here, or tiny buttons in a contrasting color make the plain black gloves so beautiful and special. And then there are the handbags……

So many shoppers come with ideas about what they want, but when they see the unique pieces here, they often end up purchasing something very different! Just look at this green braided handbag, which comes from an elderly leather craftsman here in Tuscany.
green bag

3 thoughts on “Shopping for Leather”

  1. Maren made my shopping trip in Florence an unbelievable
    experience. First of all, Maren is a sweetheart from the word
    go and she has such taste. I would never have found the
    beautiful shops without her. The first shop was the fantastic
    jeweler. My husband and I thought he was so talented and
    wonderful. From here Chia lead Maren , myself and my
    husband to the handbag shops. My mouth is still salvating,
    Oh yes, there is more, such as leather boots,belts and on
    and on. Our October visit was made memorable because
    of Maren and her sweet little dog, Chia. Such fun I will
    never forget.

    Thank you,
    Jenny B.
    Bedford, Tx
    October 2012

  2. We met Maren in Florence and had a wonderful time, even my husband who hates shopping. Maren just asks what you would like to see and off you go. So very easy. I bought some lovely leather goods and shoes and jewellery with input from Maren when an opinion was needed. I would certainly get Maren again should I travel to Florence again in the future. Thanks Maren fir a lovely, enjoyable shopping experience.
    Judy. Australia

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