Practical Information

Money matters:

Exchanging currency is easiest and with the best conversion rate at an ATM. Check before you leave home to see which bank partners with yours in Florence. This can usually assure you of a good exchange rate without international conversion fees.

If you want to exchange cash, I can take you to the little place with the best rates. The large commercial places charge a high fee, so I advise people to avoid them.

Cash versus credit card? Cash is always appreciated, and can save you a stop at the airport for your VAT refund. Sometimes a little discount is given also. All of the shops will take a credit card, but prefer Visa or Mastercard to American Express.


The local taxi companies can be reached by calling one of the following:
+39. 333. 8077555 from your international phone.
055 4390 local call
0554242 local call (this is the company I use)

You can reserve a taxi online using the itTaxi app. This is my preferred method, especially if you need a taxi early in the morning to the airport. You can access online at

City bus information is available online from the ATAF app. You can plan your journey, find your stop and buy tickets. Alternately, you can purchase bus tickets at a tabaccheria. One ticket is good for 90 minutes. Be sure to validate the ticket once you are on the bus.

Postage and shipping:

Postage stamps are available at the post office and some tabaccheria. At the main post office in Piazza Repubblica, they are in a special office opposite the main post office. They are open only until 1:30. Postcard stamps cost euro 2.40.

Shipping packages from Italy is best done from a UPS or FedEx store for safe arrival. The cost for shipping is about 50 euro for a handbag as an example. You will need to have your passport or a copy of it with you to ship items.

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