Shopping for Jewelry

My favorite kind of shopping is for jewelry. The Florentine gold work is famous for a good reason! 

The Italian jewelry designer prices are about 20-30% below the prices we pay in the States. Fope is my favorite with the Flex-It bracelets. Made entirely of 18k gold, they are stretchy as if made with elastic. They roll onto the wrist, so very easy to put on and take off – no clasp to fumble with. They are available in a variety of styles both with and without diamond rondels.

I am enamored with the Roman coins and the jewelry that is made with them. Whether you prefer a simple setting, or a more elaborate one, the ancient Roman coins will always make you feel young! The gold giglio also makes beautiful jewelry. 

F.M. necklace

On the 5th floor (without an elevator) in a 16th century building in the center of Florence, is every jewelry lover’s dream.
The goldsmith’s workshop produces original pieces in 18k gold (yellow, white and rose) jewelry, with or without gemstones in the typical Florentine tradition, as well as more modern pieces. 

If you have old jewelry you no longer wear, why not have the goldsmith use your gold and gemstones to create something beautiful you will wear? My mother’s 1960’s emerald cocktail ring was transformed into a new ring that I love!

If you would like to create a piece of jewelry, the goldsmith can help you turn your idea into reality.

These are earrings that were designed by me with the goldsmith’s guidance.

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