picking Olives and voila! Olive oil ensues

Chia and I spent the weekend at our friend’s place picking olives from her little grove in the countryside.

We spent 3 hours the first day, and 3 hours the second day to obtain one box of olives about 3×2 feet. We received 4 bottles of oil, which is the freshest I have ever tasted!

Now back in Florence I am receiving lots of orders for the Tesori Italiani holiday gifts. The tea towels with the olive pattern and the olive wood utensils are even more special to me now!

To view the entire catalog of gift items from Tuscan artisans, go to https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dmbPcl1EoiW0fM65VKg01HL03fTAybjsDjMS3HbdNds/edit#slide=id.p

I will be shipping orders from Seattle when I return Nov. 20.

Aperitivo anyone?

The melon is so so good this time of year!

My oldest and dearest friend was just here for a week visiting me. We enjoyed our aperitivo in the courtyard every evening.

She and I finished the details for the Tesori Italiani catalog which you can view here:


She brought an empty suitcase which we filled with linens, leather, clothing and of course gold jewelry! In addition, she did a little holiday shopping from the catalog. Orders from the catalog are due by October 15th for December delivery to you.

We did a wine tasting/lunch at a gorgeous winery near San Gimignano, Tenuta Torciano. The best lasagne ever and wines too.

I am busy this week with Christmas shopping for several clients. Leather boxes, gold jewelry and handbags top the lists. Let me know if I can do some shopping for you too!

The Tesori italiani holiday catalog is here!

I am very excited to have the new holiday catalog ready to publish now. Follow this link to view it: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dmbPcl1EoiW0fM65VKg01HL03fTAybjsDjMS3HbdNds/edit#slide=id.p

There is short turn around time, as I need to have orders placed by October 15.

Chia and I have been busy doing Christmas shopping for several clients. I am putting together gift boxes for people also. Just give me the budget, and I will handle the shopping, gift wrap and shipping. Only 12 weeks to Christmas!


Tourists are returning to florence!

The beautiful fall weather continues here in Florence, and we are seeing more tourists, including Americans.

Chia and I spent a few days at our friend’s country home this week. What a gorgeous place in the hills with fantastic views and cool breezes. Chia especially loves the sofa and throw.

I am continuing to work on the Tesori Italiani gifts for the holidays, and will be visiting the small leather goods factory this week. I love these little zippered pouches, and plan to include more colors in the catalog. Love to hear your ideas!

working on a new catalog

Back here in Florence, the artisans and shops are still in bad shape. Many shops have closed, some open only a few hours by appointment, and all are struggling to make rent. With so few Americans traveling to Italy now, the future looks bleak.

I am currently working on a new catalog of Tesori Italiani (Italian treasures) for the upcoming holiday season. Tea towels, olive wood, soap, and small leather goods to mention a few. I will be taking preorders as soon as I can finish the catalog, up until November1. I am happy to take special requests any time now.

Tea towels have been designed for us and are currently in production at the factory. The patterns are delightfully Florentine!

Ciao from Chia with her summer haircut!

Florence in the fall

Chia and I are back in Florence and sufficiently recovered from jet lag, after a brief stopover in NYC.

Upon arrival at the Rome airport, we were greeted by Tessa from Belitaly Tours. She and her husband, Beki, have a car service that I have used many times. Instead of schlepping my suitcase, carry on and Chia all the way across the airport to the train station, taking the train with a transfer, and a taxi from the Florence train station to my apartment, I elected to hire them to drive me. Tessa met me curbside at baggage claim, carried my luggage to her car and dropped me off at my apartment a mere 3 hours later. Chia and I dozed the whole way!


So far this week, we have been shopping for vintage buttons for a client in Australia, who has a clothing line. The antique market is a treasure trove!

I am going to start looking for items for the holiday gifts, Tesori Italiani also. A local artist has designed tea towels for us, and may do a special holiday pattern too. Planning to have a catalog ready by mid October for anyone who is interested. If you have specific requests, please email me.

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy