Summer Is Here!

Summer has arrived in Florence with sunny skies and warm temperatures, which has me thinking to go to Cinque Terre again. We stay in Monterosso al Mare in a family hotel that welcomes Chia.

Recently a lovely lady from Germany was given this gorgeous Marco Bicego necklace. It actually gave me chills it is so beautiful!
The prices here for this designer are 40% less than in the States.

Just a couple of random photos from our walk this week.

Florence Arts Fair- Part 2

The visit to the Corsini Gardens Arts Fair started out with difficulty, as I got lost after the bus dropped me off….but it was worth the hour of wandering around after I found it!

Couldn’t resist the green velvet Venetian slippers, and have been wearing them around the house all the time.
These are the real deal, not the Chinese made fakes. They also come in canvas and brocades.

Saw these leather bags, and was so tempted to buy one! The artisan workmanship is wonderful.

Was distracted from the bags by these, which fortunately for me, were too big and heavy to take on the bus home!

My other purchase was a kitchen towel made by autistic children to raise money for their foundation. Since I had already bought several in Taormina, I held back and got just one! The children were asked to design the towels using pictures and words that described the pictures: “Sour”, “Good Scent” and “Yellow” to go with the lemons on this towel. Of course now I wish I had purchased a dozen to take to the States as gifts!

Red Shoes!

I have been remiss in giving my men shoppers some attention! On my recent trip to Rome, I was doing some people watching during the evening passeggiata. I love seeing how the Italians dress! I noticed a dapper older man wearing navy chinos, a crisp navy button down shirt, and RED sneakers. These were beautiful leather sneakers, and they made his conservative outfit look fun.

At the Mercato Sant’Ambrogio this morning I saw a young man with a similar outfit. He had on black jeans, a black tee shirt and red leather sneakers.

Think I am onto something here! At the Corsini Garden arts and crafts fair, I found a man making shoes by hand. Love the red laces on the cream and black shoes.

These look super comfortable and not super expensive at under 180 euro.

So, men, think about some red shoes to wear with navy or black. It is all the rage here in Italy.

Shopping Sicily

Just back from a glorious 10 day trip to Rome and Sicily! Any of you considering a trip there must include Taormina, Castelmola and Noto.

Great linen shop in Taormina called Sugar and Spice where I bought beautiful linen kitchen towels, pink napkins and table runner.
This shop is on the main street in Taormina and a must for anyone who loves beautiful linens.

In Noto, I bought a typical Moorish ceramic head and a juicer. The art of Maiolica pottery was brought to Sicily by the Arabics who taught Sicilian how to create these wonderful objects, now real peieces of art. I chose a small head to use as a pencil holder, or maybe a planter.

Chia was greeted by her friends at Hotel Lancelot in Rome, where we have stayed often.
As much as we like the Lancelot, we found another hotel we loved- Teichnersuite! Only 3 rooms right on a small piazza where the Pomellato jewelry shop is. I checked out the new pieces and am considering a moonstone Nudo ring with diamonds. Of course I will have the goldsmith make it for me instead of paying the Pomellato price!

The Noto hotel we stayed in was fabulous: Embrace Sicily Guest House. 6 rooms and a bargain at 110 a night. Beautifully decorated with a rooftop deck and small pool. Highly recommend it!

Had such a great time that I may have to do tours to Sicily now!

Very Popular Ring!

This ring has been extremely popular with my shopping clients, and since posting it last week, I have had lots of requests for further information. Here are some photos of the various stones used in the ring, and a photo of two of them stacked on my hand. The same style can be made into earrings or a pendant.

I have the ring on the left in rose gold with emeralds, and the Nudo ring/earrings on the right in presolite. I also have the earrings in diamonds, which are spectacular!
My daughters have smokey rose quartz with rose gold, and blue topaz with yellow gold.

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The same idea in a necklace too!

Blue, blue, blue…

Spring is in full bloom here with such blue sky. Last week my focus was on was orange, and this week I am seeing blue!

The Nudo ring continues to be my favorite. I wear mine nearly every day, and am considering adding another to stack. Maybe the rose quartz?

Every day here in Florence I notice something new. There is so much to see that sometimes I miss the little things.

My “handbag of the week,” pick is this lovely light blue bag with python trim. Perfect blue for spring and summer. It is one of a kind from Fabio. I may need to rent an additional apartment to accommodate my ever growing handbag collection…

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy