April in Florence

After a couple of rainy days and a hailstorm, the weather has turned sunny once again. Easter is approaching, and windows are full of beautiful candy.

Then, of course, there are the everyday chocolates!

Wandering from one piazza to the next, I am always struck with the beauty of Florence. Around every corner there is a picture postcard.

Piazza Signoria

Chia’s favorite place is the Mercato Sant’Ambrogio, where the men at the meat counter always give her a little meatball.

Mercato Sant’Ambrogio

This week one of my clients will receive an Etruscan inspired necklace designed for her. She had lost one of her diamond earrings, so we put the remaining one to good use!

I have had many clients who took jewelry that they didn’t wear, and turned it into new pieces designed just for them. Recycling at its finest!

Florence Street Food

In various locations around town, you can find “chioschi” or street food stands. These are referred to as trippai or lampredottai where you can taste the best of the city’s street culinary tradition, a sandwich filled with trippa or lampredotto.

What is trippa or lampredotto?  Trippa is tripe, the edible lining of the cow’s stomach. While tripe is eaten elsewhere, lampredotto is a local specialty for Florence. It is the fourth and final stomach of a cow, generally slow-cooked with tomato, onion, parsley, and celery until it has the texture of tender roast beef. Both are traditionally served on a crunchy bun, often first soaked in the broth and with spicy or green sauce.

I have avoided eating the street food here, but I am working up the courage to try it! Today, however, I opted for lunch at a really great ristorante, Adagio. https://www.ristoranteadagio.it/ They serve a complimentary digestivo after lunch. Glad I had an espresso to go with it!

After lunch I wandered through the monthly flea market at Sant’Ambrogio.

Springtime in Florence

The weather is still cool, but sunny and beautiful here. Flowers blooming and life returning to normal. Every Thursday there is a flower market in Piazza Repubblica.

I bought a couple of small flowering plants and walked back to my apartment through Santa Croce. These little spring handbags caught my eye!

Had to buy the orange one and love it!

Noooooooooooo! Tell Me It Isn’t True!

The pandemic, the war, and now I’ve learned that Mauro Volponi shoe shop is closing in Florence! It is just too much….I will go there today to say goodbye to the staff and see what I can find. A huge closing sale is in progress.

I will never forget the four shades of blue suede shoes, the beautiful boots and sandals!

Chia and I are still experiencing jet lag!

Even though we are tired, we had a great day at the goldsmith yesterday, coordinating some custom jewelry for several clients. This is an Etruscan inspired necklace.

My client had lost one of her diamond earrings, so we are putting it to good use in a new necklace for her!

Return to Florence

Phoenix rising pendant in making.

I am all excited to be returning to Florence this week. Italy no longer requires Covid testing to enter, which makes the trip much easier!

I will be coordinating with the goldsmith to make some beautiful jewelry for my clients.

Giglio necklace in making.

I can’t wait to have the local pizza, prosecco and pasta. Chia, who will be 16 in May, will accompany me, of course!

But Tibby must stay home!

I am looking forward to many shopping tours this spring, but especially the week long birthday celebration for my best friend. She and five others will join me shopping, touring Chianti and dining at my favorite restaurants. We will be doing our best to stimulate the Florentine economy!

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy