Back in Florence!

Chia and I are back in Florence! Covid test in Seattle, New York, JFK and Roma airport, plus fully vaccinated. Tuscany has gone from red zone to orange, so we are free to move about town.

Note to self: wear the compression socks!

The weather is beautiful: cool and sunny. I have a list of things clients want me to shop for and I am hoping that the stores will reopen this week. If not, I can contact them personally and they will open for me. I plan to start zoom shopping tours next week: the goldsmith, the leather store, scarves, etc. Let me know if you want to be included.

My favorite leather store has a new website! You can shop for Il Perseo handbags at the following address: Bravo to Sam for his hard work to do a website! It has been a very difficult time for all the store owners, so I am doing my best to stimulate the Florentine economy. I have my eye on a straw and leather bag for summer.

Chia and I are still recovering from jet lag, and consoling ourselves with yummy pizza!

Spring in Tuscany, Here We Come!

Chia and I are packed and ready to return to Florence mid April. We delayed the trip due to Covid restrictions during the Easter weekend. Even though I am completely vaccinated, and have legal Italian residency, I was concerned. Due to arrive on Good Friday, followed by Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday, I was worried about groceries! The Italians take a “bridge” weekend and most everything is closed. Even Easter Monday (Pasquetta) is a holiday!Here is an interesting article about it.

I have a list of shopping to do for a few clients: pens, linens, lotions and of course, handbags! I am thinking about doing zoom shopping trips this spring since travel restrictions are still in place. What do you think? I can set a time and we can shop remotely together. Visit the goldsmith, the shoe shops, ceramics, scarves, or whatever you want. Almost as much fun as shopping with friends in person!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is day number two of heavy snow here in Seattle, which is very rare! We had to shovel the snow on our deck so that Chia could go out. The snow is over her head….


Many thanks to all of you who purchased the Tesori Italiani Valentino gifts! I am still waiting to receive the paper and the pens. They seem to be stuck somewhere due to the bad weather. I am loving the red leather box that I kept for myself.
It really is a work of art. In these cold grey days, the red is so cheerful. I hope to visit the leather artisan when I return to Florence this spring and see what other goodies he makes.

Wishing you a warm and lovely Valentine’s Day!

Last Chance for Valentine’s Day Gift Orders!

There is still time to order Tesori Italiani gifts for Valentine’s Day. Getting down to the wire, and I am eagerly awaiting the last few deliveries from Italy.

The paper shop owner had quite an adventure getting the hand made wooden pens from the artisan, driving out into the Tuscan countryside where he lives. The pens will be ballpoint, and not fountain pen as pictured. I just love a beautiful pen, and this one promises to be very special. I am giving one to my husband for Valentine’s Day, and plan to steal it later!

I am giving one of the olive dishes to my physical therapist as a thank you for her squeezing me into her schedule. Bad back for me, and she really helps it feel better. I have to be in top shape for the spring season in Florence!

Leather pouches for my daughters, and a silver bracelet inside the red leather box for my 97 year old mother.

I will be giving note paper and wine stoppers for several people who need a little something to brighten the day. It has been a tough year for everyone. I am so thankful for the many blessings in my life.

You can view the Valentine’s Day catalogue by following this link:

Boxes of Goodies Arriving from Florence!

The ceramics from Anastazija arrived, and the wine stoppers are lovely! Hand painted, of course, and in Valentine colors. I must keep one of each! Red for a bottle of Chianti, and pink for sparkling rose. Little things like this are helping to pass the time during all the pandemic restrictions…..

The leather pouches and boxes are on the way.

Also coming is the Florentine paper, red wooden pens and the silver nuggets bracelet. You can view all of the items by clicking on this link:

All of the artisans whose work I’ve selected are so happy to have a little bit of business. Things are very bleak in Florence without any tourists. Many stores have closed, and may not be able to reopen. The future is uncertain for all. Hoping all of you are staying healthy and safe!

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy