Jewelry to Make One Feel Very Young!

Just think about Roman coins made into beautiful 18k jewelry! The coins were lost and buried for more than 2,000 years. First minted in 211 BC, the Denarius is a small silver coin used in Roman currency. These coins were individually struck by hand, hammered into exacting weights. Each one is irregularly shaped, never perfectly round, making each unique. How about a coin this old to make one feel ever so young?

The Florin coin is 24k and was used for a long period of time and probably the first European coin to be made in large quantities. These coins have approximately 3.5 grams of gold and from about 1252. The pendants made from these coins lend themselves to a long gold chain, and certainly would be a subject of much attention! I am enthralled with these coins, which come with a certificate of authenticity, of course. To own a piece of history like this, and to be able to wear it, seems to me a beautiful thing! And yes, I feel so young in comparison!!!

Jewelry Shopping in Florence

On a 4th floor (without an elevator) in a 16th century building in the center of Florence, is every jewelry lover’s dream. Although it looks like a cross between my husband’s workshop at its messiest, and the memories I have of my daughter’s “making” jewelry out of rhinestones and Elmer’s glue, this place is just fabulous.

Here they produce original jewelry from gold and silver, with or without gemstones in the typical Florentine tradition. 

I have my eye on a gorgeous gold bracelet called Corteccia di pino (bark of the pine). And with my 30th wedding anniversary coming up this month, I can hope!


I have been granted permission to take select shopping clients to this workshop, which is great. We need to make an appointment ahead of time, but for the serious jewelry shopper, this is a must!

Shopping in Florence for Gold Jewelry

It was love at first sight! The photo does not do the bracelets justice, however. The Corteccia di pino bracelets come in rose, white or yellow 18k gold, and as the name implies, look like the bark of the pine tree. I love the texture of this bracelet: not too heavy, not too light, and each link is different. A handmade original design from a Florentine jewelry workshop, this bracelet is definitely on my wish list!


Shopping in Florence and Weekend in Tuscan Countryside

Shoes and boots for every taste and budget! From ready to wear to handmade, there are shoes and boots here in Florence for everyone. The only problem is limited suitcase space… Problem solved: wear them or ship them!

Chia and I took the weekend off to go to a freind’s country home in Pescia, which is in the Tuscan hills. The weather has been perfect, but there is concern about a drought here this summer. Wish we could funnel some of the Seattle rain to the Tuscan countryside!

Chia and I are gearing up for the busy weeks ahead. Lots of shopping tours coming up this spring, and even have tours scheduled for September and October already. La dolce vita!


Florence Shopping in March

Python bags, anyone? This one is just gorgeous! Wish that the photo did it justice….






Or what about python shoes? I see these with jeans,  a simple khaki, orange, green or denim dress: something that will highlight the beautiful texture and style of these shoes.





Had a darling couple from the States shopping for men’s handmade shoes this week. They were not disappointed! It takes about a month to have the handmade shoes, but it is worth the wait to have shoes so comfortable and handsome!

Shopping in Florence for Jewelry

Whether it be antique, modern, gold, silver or costume jewelry, Florence abounds with unique choices from the many local artists.  And don’t we all love beautiful jewelry? It never shrinks at the dry cleaners, goes out of season, or becomes too tight if we overindulge!


Shopping for a unique piece of jewelry in Florence is so much fun! There are classic jewelry shops, artist owned shops, and antique stores to browse. The Ponte Vecchio is something incredible to behold, but we often find better prices elsewhere.


I especially love pieces that can be worn and enjoyed every day, like this bracelet and ring.


Both pieces are examples of the delicate gold work that makes Florence famous for its jewelry.

The museum copies of jewelry from paintings by the great masters and the artist’s copies of Etruscan jewelry are incredible also.

Whether you are looking for a significant piece of jewelry, or just a little bauble as a memento of your trip to Florence, you will not be disappointed!



Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy