Florence Shoppers Go to the Beach

It has been getting really warm here in Florence, so my friend, Chippie, and I decided to go to Cinque Terre to the beach village of Monterosso al Mare. Clear aqua water, beautiful breeze and great beach there! We sunned, swam, ate way too much fried seafood and drank negroni. Ended up spending the night in a small hotel that was such a deal we are thinking of going back next week too! Here is a photo we took while we were having dinner at a seaside ristorante:

The only thing that would have made this better, would have been my big, handsome husband with me!

Never one to let a shopping opportunity pass me by, the next morning after we had been to the beach, showered and checked out of the hotel, we stopped by a few little shops. Bought a wonderful beach towel that is not terry cloth, but waffle cotton. So much easier to travel with, as it folds up small, and yet it is still great for absorbing water. Also bought a sun hat and a beach pillow that doubles as a floatation device. Perfect for bobbing in the surf while tanning the backside! Because don’t we all hate lying on the stomach to tan? Especially after negroni and fried seafood….We think we may go again next week to the beach, as Florence is getting way to hot! La dolce vita sulla spiaggia!!!

Shopping Guide in Florence

Dangerous, dangerous job this shopping tour! I see all of the gorgeous leather: jackets, boots, shoes, bags, gloves, belts. And the Italian fashion is so beautiful. I love the small shops with the local designers clothing. Hey, you can buy Gucci, Pucci, Prada, etc. anywhere, and for less money than in Italy!

Chia loves to shop in Florence with me.

Yesterday, after having done three tours this week, I broke down and took myself shopping. My husband actually suggested this, as an alternative to my going alone through Napoli to the Amalfi Coast to see my bff, Katherine! What a guy! I bought a beautiful boucle dress, a green silk top, and a casual pants outfit (crisp polished cotton pants and a floaty top with matching camisole) for the Friday evening soirees at Chez Wells. Oh yes, and a pashmina to wear with the pants outfit. This season there is lots of coral and green to choose from, as well as the neutrals and black. I love green, as you can see from the photos below….

As I sit here in yet another green dress, I am thinking that I might need to revisit some shops and consider some coral color…..

Thunder Storms in Florence

Incredible storms with the loudest thunder I have ever heard!

Chia and my shopping clients and I got soaked! Nice salesman in one of the stores dried Chia off while we shopped for leather jackets.

Things have settled down today, but there are predictions of more storms to come….At least next week the sun is supposed to be out again.

Happy Shopping Tour

Although it was pouring rain this morning, my new Australian friends and I went shopping. They bought beautiful reversible leather coats, and a Persian lamb jacket among other things:

Jacket is being measured and will be tailored to fit perfectly.

The salesman was very cute, too! And now the Australian couple are off to the Uffizi for an art tour this afternoon, then aperitivo at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Arno River and maybe browse in a few more shops….

Shopping Isn’t Just About Clothes…

Just back from the San Ambrogio Market, where I bought beautiful tomatoes, cherries, prosciutto, peaches and pecorino piccante cheese. Not pictured is the cantaloupe, zucchini and bread!

I am starting to weaken my resolve to put off shopping until right before I go to the States! I did purchase some great navy blue crop pants and matching top yesterday, and a cream summer weight cardigan in a fabulous Italian design….I justify this because I am eating so much, I need bigger pants!

Leather, pasta and language

The biggest problem with my job as a personal shopping guide here in Florence is the temptations I must avoid! Like this buttery soft cream leather bag I saw yesterday. It is so lightweight and beautiful, and it smelled so good, it was all I could do to let the shop owner tear it out of my hands and put it back on the shelf. It made my old Max Mara tote look like a grocery sack! And this is just one of the cream colored bags on the display…….
But I have promised myself that I will hold off making any purchases until the week before I leave. So I went to the big grocery store to get some supplies for my empty refrigerator. The pasta aisle here always amazes me. It is the whole length of the store, and the pasta is on both sides of the aisle. 

This photo is taken from mid point of the aisle. Someday I am going to actually count how many different kinds of pasta are available here! My favorite is still the San Ambrogio Market, however. I love the colors of all the vegetables and fruits. And right now, the heirloom tomatoes are so sweet and delicious that I sometimes just eat three or four of them for dinner! La dolce vita for sure!

My daily language class at Scuola Parola continues to be a lesson in humility, but I am actually able to understand most everything that is said to me. This does not mean I am fluent, or capable of carrying on a philosophical discussion, however. Now that we are studying the ninth verb conjugation and all of the irregular verbs in it, my brain feels like an alphabet soup….provo sempre!

Your personal shopper in Florence, Italy