What’s New in Florence

New jewelry shop, new handbags…

A new jewelry shop, DelBrenna, has opened here in Florence. It is a company based in Cortona where the jewelry is made by hand in a family run business. It has many unique designs utilizing sterling silver plated with 18k gold. They greet customers with a glass of Prosecco that includes edible silver flakes.

I look forward to seeing their workshop and showroom in Cortona, where they offer tours and explain the methods they use to create their pieces. You can view the collections on their website: https://delbrenna.it/

From classy and clean to soft and slouchy, there are lots of new handbags to choose from in so many colors!

Kiki continues to make new friends everywhere here in Florence. Everyone agrees that she is such a beautiful puppy!

And she is just as naughty as she is pretty!

4 thoughts on “What’s New in Florence”

  1. How darling she is; naughty of not!! Thank you so much for your comment of condolence. It is a terrible loss for us.

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