Seattle for the Summer

Kiki and I are back home for the summer, and appreciating the beautiful, sunny, cool weather. I have just created a Facebook group entitled, “Traveling Women Shop!” I hope that you will join it. I think it will be fun to see where everyone has traveled, and what treasures were purchased.

I bought this cream leather bag in Florence and am loving it! New shoes, a summer dress and a long gold necklace were in my suitcase too.

I love the square neckline, and the detail of this dress. I saw it in a shop window when I was on the bus, and had to go back to try it on….

It was a shredder of a trip back to Seattle from Florence due to a miscommunication with Air France. They said that my dog’s paperwork was not submitted, even though I had all the paperwork in hand, and had submitted it last March! After a long hold up, we were able to catch the next flight, thankfully. Poor little Kiki was as exhausted as I was.

This coming weekend we have Kiki entered in three dog shows, hoping to finish her championship!

3 thoughts on “Seattle for the Summer”

  1. Love the things you bought especially the necklace and purse! Sorry your trip was so complicated. Mine home from Italy was not so pleasant either. I had a really close connection due to a delay by the airline and then when I got to Berlin Lufthansa’s security held me up for no reason and laughed while I stressed about missing my flight. I swore I would never fly their airline again. They used to be a top airline but I do not think their customer service is what it used to be.

  2. Wonderful choices…as always! The bag and sandals…absolutely wonderful. The dress….dreamy. Gold chain…oh WOW!
    Kiki…go get ‘um this weekend!

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