Loving Lucca

Kiki and I are just back from a really nice trip to Lucca. It is only about an hour by train from Florence and such a beautiful town.

Of course I went shopping, and found a really nice shoe shop where I bought a pair of sandals to wear with my new white dress.

A beautiful lunch of roast pork on a bed of spinach with mashed potatoes at Buca di Sant’Antonio only 4 minutes walking from my hotel. Kiki and I stayed at San Luca Palace, which was very nice with a large room and good breakfast.

I told myself that I would skip dinner after that big lunch, but pizza called to me!

Since Kiki and I did well over 10,000 steps that day, I felt justified.

I wanted to see this garden and museum, but no dogs allowed!

Such a charming and quiet town, I may have to start Lucca Shop 4 It!

3 thoughts on “Loving Lucca”

  1. Beautiful!!! Loved Luca when we were there years ago. At the airport on our way to Amsterdam and Sweden at the moment. Hope all is well with you Maren!! OX

  2. We visited Lucca from Florence in 2022 and loved it. The walk from the train onto the city walls was just beautiful. A charming and place to visit.

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