Let the Packing Begin!

Many of my shopping clients and friends ask my advice about packing for a European trip. I have a few tried and true tips. With only three weeks to go before our trip back to Florence, I am in my usual quandary. It is always a dilemma about what to pack. Which suitcase, and carry on bag? Or just a carry on bag? But the carry on bag alone is so heavy I can’t lift it into the overhead bin….And so it goes.

I have a rolling expandable carry on that I highly recommend. It is made by Eagle Creek with several compartments. The front zippered section is perfect for my travel wallet which contains my passport, some cash, plane tickets and various cards.

I keep a Tile in it also, just in case!

Kiki travels in a rolling carrier, which coverts to a backpack if I need more hands free. It is called The Snoozer Roll Around and it has held up for years of travel. Chia didn’t mind it, but Kiki doesn’t like it very much. Little by little she’s getting used to it!

I learned from my friend, Abbey, to keep two wallets when traveling. One contains cash USD and the other cash euro. My friend, Marty, who is a retired pilot, says to always bring chocolates for the flight crew. They really seem to appreciate the gesture!

3 thoughts on “Let the Packing Begin!”

  1. I love your suggestion to give a small gift to the flight crew. I have given them magazines, but never thought to give a treat. I will do that on my next flight.

  2. We’re on our way! See you in mid April….for our number seven shopping trip….Debbie thinks it’s number nine!

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