Easter in Florence

Being a predominantly Catholic country, Easter is a much celebrated holiday here. Most of the shop windows are decorated beautifully for Easter.

I couldn’t resist buying this pretty ceramic egg box at the flea market.

The shop window at Vestri is full of large chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and chickens.

I am celebrating by wearing my “Easter” earrings from the goldsmith’s workshop.

The Sant’Ambrogio Mercato was a really busy place the day before Easter. It finally stopped raining, and everyone was out buying flowers and food for the Easter meals. Easter Monday is celebrated here, too, and most of the stores and markets are closed.

Kiki has been having lots of fun visiting her friends! She has a special friend at the Gold Market in Santa Croce.

It is pouring rain here on Easter Monday (Pasquetta) so Kiki will have to wear her raincoat during her morning walk. It has been a rainy, windy spring, but next week it is supposed to be up to 80 degrees.

5 thoughts on “Easter in Florence”

  1. Happy belated Easter! My friend loved shopping with you, thanks for the last minute!

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous!!! She looks so adorable in her raincoat! I got my red leather jacket from Danielle today. It fits so well and I am so pleased with my purchase from him. Thanks for putting me in touch with him. Sorry your Easter was rainy. We had a beautiful day here in Alabama. Prettiest and mildest weather I can remember in the last several years!

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