Just back from a really wonderful trip to Puglia: Bari, Alberobello and Matera. Baby Kiki was a huge hit!

Great wine, and surprisingly low prices for both excellent food and accommodation. Highly recommend a visit!

Meanwhile, back in Florence, Sophia Toscana has launched an online store for ceramics. You can view the catalog at: sofiatoscana.com The pieces are beautiful! Sophia designed some linens for our Tesori Italiani, and now has added ceramics.

This week’s shopping clients made some fabulous purchases. Gold jewelry was at the top of everyone’s list, and the shops did not disappoint.

This incredible ring expands to become a bangle bracelet. It can be adjusted to fit any finger, or can be worn on a chain too. So many different styles of this ring are available!

2 thoughts on “Puglia!”

  1. I’d love to visit those places too! Did you travel there by train from Florence ?
    And as for the ring!!!?

  2. I love the ring to bracelet. My friend and I saw this in Vail, but the price was ridiculous. About how much does these run? Love Lille Kiki!??

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