Arrivederci, Firenze

My shopping tours have ended for the season, and it is time to be back in Seattle with my family. Kiki and I had a beautiful lunch at our friend, Sophie’s, house just outside of the historical center of Florence before we left.

Right before leaving Florence, a friend and I went to Pizza Napoli on Via dei Neri. The street was packed, as usual , with people lined up for nearly an hour to order panini from a place Rick Steves made famous, All’Antico Vinaio. Not that long ago there was just one , and now there are multiple shops, including a new one in New York City! If these people knew how good the pizza is at Pizza Napoli, they would be lining up there instead!

At the owner’s suggestion, we ordered the pizza he was going to have for his lunch. Pesto, burrata mozzarella and two kinds of sweet tomatoes. The crust was incredibly thin and I can emphatically say that this is the best pizza I have ever had!

It was a long, long trip from Florence, to Paris, to Seattle and both Kiki and I had jet lag for several days.

Hope you all had as lovely a Thanksgiving as we did here in Seattle!

3 thoughts on “Arrivederci, Firenze”

    1. We were really lucky on the flight from Florence to Paris and had a whole row to ourselves!
      Brynn has moved back to Seattle and bought a house 2 minutes walking from my house. She had Thanksgiving dinner there and I didn’t have to do a thing! She had never used her oven or cooktop, but managed to pull the dinner off brilliantly.
      Merry Christmas to you, too.

  1. I know it is so great for you to have Brynn so close. Wish we had been able to see you before she left Austin. Give her our best. Have a wonderful Christmas, and a great new year! ??

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