Vacation to Viareggio

With the temperatures in the mid and upper 90’s, I decided to take Chia to the beach at Viareggio. She attracts lots of attention in her new stroller!

Viareggio is only about an hour and 20 minute train ride from Florence. We stayed at a beautiful seaside hotel. The Palace Hotel overlooking the beach- highly recommended.

Back to Florence we went after three days at Viareggio. It is unusually hot this year. I take Chia out in the early morning before it gets too warm. We see so many dogs here!

I have had lots of requests for jeweley shopping, and the Fope bracelets are a huge hit. The price here is about 30-40% less than in the States. I have a couple and love them. They are stretchy, but contain no elastic. It is a secret method used to make the 18k gold stretch so it rolls onto the wrist. They have come out with a version for men now too.

I also love the Marco Bicego jewelry. These dainty bracelets are on my wish list to stack with my Fope!

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