Travel and Wear Cute Shoes

My mother’s sage advice to me was that while I was still young enough, I should travel and wear cute shoes. My mother passed a few weeks ago at age 99, and I am living up to her advice re: travel and shoes.

Chia and I returned to Florence last week for the fall. At age 112 in dog years, she is still going strong! She doesn’t join me for shopping tours any longer, however. It is better for her to stay at home on the sofa in the air conditioning.

Persimmons growing in a little piazza.

The weather here is still in the low 90’s, but will be cooling off later this week. It will be perfect shopping weather for the tours I have lined up.

Right now, these gorgeous 18k gold earrings with small diamonds are being made for one of my clients. They are simple enough to wear every day, but such a special design.

One thought on “Travel and Wear Cute Shoes”

  1. Maren

    Deepest deepest condolences…I met you 2 months later. I ended up visiting churches and lighting candles at each one. My way of grieving…


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