Organic Olive Oil Straight from the Farm

At a recent craft fair in Florence I met several fantastic artisans. Our darling Anastazija was there with her ceramics, and she introduced me to her friend, Lituana, who makes mosaics in the classic Florentine style with natural precious stones. She brings her little dog with her to the craft fairs and he and Chia hit it off. I fell in love with a small piece and had to have it!

Another of the participants at the craft fair, Daniele, had a wine tasting booth. His farm in Tuscany produces organic wines and olive oil. He is the third generation owner, and does everything from picking the olives and grapes, to pressing the oil and making the wine. We surprised him with a visit to his farm.

A liter can of new olive oil.

I had to ship some of the Tinti brand olive oil back to Seattle, where we are enjoying it immensely! One of my shopping clients just had five cans shipped to her for Christmas gifts.

Chia is resting for the upcoming holidays. Merry Christmas! Buon Natale!

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