Oh No – Shortage of Fope Jewelry!

Recently a client in the States requested that I shop for a Fope bracelet. Fope is about 30% less here in Italy than in the USA. It makes sense to have me buy it for her here and then ship it to her from Seattle when I return next month.

I went to the jewelry showroom that carries Fope and was disappointed to see that there were very few pieces left. The waiting period to receive a new piece is three months! Undaunted, I have planned a trip to Vicenza where the Fope jewelry is made. I contacted the factory and asked if I could visit and make a video for my blog. Hopefully they will allow this and I will be able to find the bracelet my client wants there!

This week I went to see the Medici Chapel here in Florence. I had not been for years, and was eager to revisit. It was not disappointing!

The weather here remains glorious with sun and temperatures in the upper 70’s. I think that Chia looks especially pretty at sunset.

One thought on “Oh No – Shortage of Fope Jewelry!”

  1. You are fantastic; a real treasure for your clients!! We were so blessed the day we found you!! Chia, as always , is wonderful!! ?. Love to you!! Donna and Bill

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