Volterra Vacation

With the perfect fall weather here still, I decided to visit Volterra for a couple of days. It is a really charming small town about and hour and a half outside Florence. It is a village built on a hill between the Era and Cecina valleys. With its double walls , the Etruscan and the 13th century, it is a city with a medieval appearance. Pictured here is one of the gates to the town.

There are Etruscan remains and a Roman theater in Volterra also.

Of course, for me no trip is complete without checking out the local jewelry makers! These are Etruscan inspired pieces.

The surrounding countryside is so beautiful! Around each corner is a picture postcard.

One thought on “Volterra Vacation”

  1. Maren, I have loved Etruscan jewelry for a long time. Please let me know more about those beautiful gold pendants.

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