Summer in Seattle; Florence in the Fall

After a whirlwind of travel this spring, Chia and I are back home in blissfully cool Seattle. Chia has gotten her summer haircut, and looks like a puppy at age 15.

I have been receiving requests for shopping tours this fall, and for information about travel to Italy. Having been traveling there all spring, I have become quite knowledgable about the various procedures and requirements. I am happy to help out with your travel plans.

Three wineries, seven towns and one island later, I am ready to stay put for a few weeks and work on losing the five pounds I put on!

A special and authentic Tuscan country dinner with friends in the mountains of Castelvecchio was a real treat. We arrived at 8pm and were served seven courses with wine.
We began with antipasti. This was followed by two pasta dishes: porcini mushroom pasta and ravioli. Then came the Tuscan roast beef and white beans. and fried chicken, rabbit and potatoes. Cheese anyone? Another course of various Tuscan cheese and honey. Then dessert, sweet dessert wine and limoncello, plus grappa. I declined all of this as I couldn’t eat another bite!

We arrived back at my friend’s home around midnight, and fell asleep with cool mountain air wafting through the windows. Heavenly!

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