Spring in Tuscany, Here We Come!

Chia and I are packed and ready to return to Florence mid April. We delayed the trip due to Covid restrictions during the Easter weekend. Even though I am completely vaccinated, and have legal Italian residency, I was concerned. Due to arrive on Good Friday, followed by Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday, I was worried about groceries! The Italians take a “bridge” weekend and most everything is closed. Even Easter Monday (Pasquetta) is a holiday!Here is an interesting article about it. https://foodal.com/holidays/easter/la-pasquetta-celebrating/

I have a list of shopping to do for a few clients: pens, linens, lotions and of course, handbags! I am thinking about doing zoom shopping trips this spring since travel restrictions are still in place. What do you think? I can set a time and we can shop remotely together. Visit the goldsmith, the shoe shops, ceramics, scarves, or whatever you want. Almost as much fun as shopping with friends in person!

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