picking Olives and voila! Olive oil ensues

Chia and I spent the weekend at our friend’s place picking olives from her little grove in the countryside.

We spent 3 hours the first day, and 3 hours the second day to obtain one box of olives about 3×2 feet. We received 4 bottles of oil, which is the freshest I have ever tasted!

Now back in Florence I am receiving lots of orders for the Tesori Italiani holiday gifts. The tea towels with the olive pattern and the olive wood utensils are even more special to me now!

To view the entire catalog of gift items from Tuscan artisans, go to https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dmbPcl1EoiW0fM65VKg01HL03fTAybjsDjMS3HbdNds/edit#slide=id.p

I will be shipping orders from Seattle when I return Nov. 20.

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