Florence in the fall

Chia and I are back in Florence and sufficiently recovered from jet lag, after a brief stopover in NYC.

Upon arrival at the Rome airport, we were greeted by Tessa from Belitaly Tours. She and her husband, Beki, have a car service that I have used many times. Instead of schlepping my suitcase, carry on and Chia all the way across the airport to the train station, taking the train with a transfer, and a taxi from the Florence train station to my apartment, I elected to hire them to drive me. Tessa met me curbside at baggage claim, carried my luggage to her car and dropped me off at my apartment a mere 3 hours later. Chia and I dozed the whole way!


So far this week, we have been shopping for vintage buttons for a client in Australia, who has a clothing line. The antique market is a treasure trove!

I am going to start looking for items for the holiday gifts, Tesori Italiani also. A local artist has designed tea towels for us, and may do a special holiday pattern too. Planning to have a catalog ready by mid October for anyone who is interested. If you have specific requests, please email me.

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