Escape to Elba Island

It has been getting hotter and hotter here in Florence. An early heatwave with the temperature at 99 today. Chia and I escaped to Elba Island last week where it was a lovely 75 degrees.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled on Elba Island, and had several homes here.

This is the garden at one of Napoleon’s homes overlooking the sea.

Those of you who suffer in the sun and heat will appreciate my Sunbrella!

I haven’t been out shopping here in Florence, but am really enjoying my special lotion from Farmacia Munstermann. This farmacia was established in 1897, and they make so many lovely fragrances, lotions, etc. They don’t ship, so I will be bringing back lots of lotion! One of my clients ordered 24 bottles last month…Let me know if you want me to send you a sample.

Chia and I will be here in Florence for another couple of weeks before heading to Seattle for the rest of the summer. Getting lots of shopping tour requests for September and October already!

I think a pair of these shoes will be in my suitcase…

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