Aperitivo anyone?

The melon is so so good this time of year!

My oldest and dearest friend was just here for a week visiting me. We enjoyed our aperitivo in the courtyard every evening.

She and I finished the details for the Tesori Italiani catalog which you can view here:


She brought an empty suitcase which we filled with linens, leather, clothing and of course gold jewelry! In addition, she did a little holiday shopping from the catalog. Orders from the catalog are due by October 15th for December delivery to you.

We did a wine tasting/lunch at a gorgeous winery near San Gimignano, Tenuta Torciano. The best lasagne ever and wines too.

I am busy this week with Christmas shopping for several clients. Leather boxes, gold jewelry and handbags top the lists. Let me know if I can do some shopping for you too!

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