Under quarantine in florence

Long trip, but Chia and I are back in Florence. I have completed 9 of the 14 days required quarantine already. Lots to keep me busy cleaning and organizing the apartment which has been empty for 9 months. The courtyard is wonderful for us!

I am eager to be out and about, of course, and I have been in touch with several artisans here. I am working on my Tesori Italiani gift boxes full of beautiful items from Italy. These will be curated boxes with my favorite and unique pieces from the local artisans. Hope to stimulate the economy a little, as the people here are really hurting.

A friend of Fabio’s is making some very interesting backpack/handbags.

The olives are right on track, even if the rest of the world is in chaos. Stay well, and let me know if I can shop for you here in Florence starting next week!

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