Silk Scarves and More

Many years ago on my first trip to Florence, I bought a beautiful green scarf. Returning to Florence 10 years later, I went in search of more scarves. When I entered a little shop on Borgo dei Greci, the man behind the counter said, “Welcome back. I see you still wear the scarf you bought from me.” This was Ricardo, whom many of you know from our shopping tours.

The shop name is Massimo Ravinale, and in addition to gorgeous scarves, they carry gloves, ties, pocket squares and even some blouses.

The latest addition to the scarves is masks. They are made of washable cotton. One side has a pattern, and the other side is plain navy blue. I am getting lots of them to include in the Tesori Italiani catalog I’m working on.

How about a silk scarf with matching mask? We can call it the, “Pretty in Pandemic” look!

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