Saying Farewell to Florence

The streets are empty here, and everyone is very worried about the future in Florence. A new Covid restriction has all the restaurants closing at 6pm. This is very frustrating for not only the owners, but the Florentines as well since they don’t eat dinner until at least 7pm.

I am leaving Florence earlier than planned because I am concerned there will be another lockdown. Tomorrow there will be an announcement restricting travel from one region to another. I fly to Rome tomorrow in the nick of time! Then on to the States where I need to quarantine for 14 days.

I am happy to announce that Tesori Italiani gift catalogue is finished! The artisans I selected are thrilled to have a little work, and I have had fun putting it all together. Here is the link to the catalogue:

Copy and paste into your browser.

I am ready to take orders now. Email me for an order form in PDF. All sales are final.

Going to take Chia for one last walk in the center even though many shops are closed now.

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