Happy New Year!

Chia and I are spending the winter in rainy Seattle, and missing the pasta, pizza and Prosecco in Florence, not to mention the shopping…..

As I pondered what to write in the blog, it came to me that I have found some wonderful things to buy here in the States too! I have made a list of the new items I am loving.

1. Kopari coconut toothpaste and tinted lip gloss. This isn’t sweet and has a great scent. The lip gloss passed the test with both of my daughters, too. It comes in clear, but we like the tinted one. Wish they could come up with a different packaging, however. I am really trying to eliminate plastic! Available on Amazon or from the Kopari website. koparibeauty.com

2. Silk dental floss in a little glass container from Lucky Teeth. It is refillable, and available on Amazon or the lucky-teeth.com website. No plastic!

3. Blueland household cleaners. They come with acrylic spray bottles (wish they were glass) accompanied by a muslin bag of cleaners in little paper packets. Just add water and let the cleaning begin! I have glass cleaner, general purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner. The bottles are color coded too, so they won’t be mixed up.

4. Zella high waist leggings. These are a godsend for post holiday tummy bulge, because they actually hold you in and are nice and thick. I bought mine at Nordstrom.com in black and navy blue.

5. JiBen LED Lighted 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror. This is actually a love/hate relationship. I love how well I can see with it, but I’m not thrilled with how I look! It has a wonderful locking suction cup that actually stays put. My daughter gave me this for Christmas and I like it so much that I bought another to take to Florence with me.

Bookings for spring are coming in all the time now. Most are repeat clients or referrals, which I love! People are reserving time for shopping tours, the mercato food and wine tour, and both together. Looks as if it will be a busy and fun spring in Florence!

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