Empty Streets and Restaurants

Usually in early October on a Sunday afternoon the restaurants are packed with both tourists and locals. The piazzas are crowded with families and couples walking and chatting with friends. Today it is sad to see the empty restaurants with the waiters standing at the door, nothing to do. There are lots of restaurants and shops that have simply closed.

No matter how bleak things look, the goldsmith is still working and just designed this gorgeous pearl ring for a client. It is white and yellow gold with an absolutely outstanding pearl.

Fabio, the elderly man who makes bags by hand with leftover leather from his son’s factory, was busy during the lockdown earlier this year and continues to make unique bags.

I am staying busy with my Italian class, and gathering special items for the Tesori Italiani gift box project. I am waiting to receive the leather boxes made by hand, and the silver pieces I am including. Hope to have a little catalog ready soon with pictures and descriptions of everything.

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