Battling boredom with remote shopping.

Chia and I are getting awfully bored with staying at home. All the closets and cupboards are cleaned and organized. The garden is weeded, watered and planted with some annuals. Windowsills are filled with vegetable starts. Exercises performed and a long walk around the neighborhood. Now what to do?

Fabio to the rescue! For those of you not familiar with Fabio, let me explain. Fabio is an elderly man who used to work for the big name handbag designers in Italy. He has been retired for many years, but does make a few handbags with the leftover materials from his son’s factory.

Each bag Fabio makes is one of a kind, although sometimes he makes the same style bag in different colors. I have several of his bags and love them!

I just received photographs of 20 bags made by Fabio! Having such fun looking at each bag. He even gave me a description of the leathers used. He must be getting bored at home also…..Here are a couple of the bags:

Red calfskin with braided handles. Measures 16.5cm x 10.5cm. A longer shoulder strap in included and there are feet on the bottom.
Light blue/gray woven lambskin. Measures 15cm x 11.5cm. Has a longer shoulder strap included. Available in black and burgundy also.
Front side of a small mixed leather bag measuring 9.8cm x 7cm. Longer strap included. Below is the back side of this bag.

If you would like more information, please email me and I will try to get a really good deal for you on the bags. As some of you remember, if I call Fabio at just the right time (after his 2nd glass of wine) and tell him I have a client who fell in love with one of his bags, he often lowers the price!

I will be getting 50 small scarves ( 50cm x 50cm) from Ricardo this week. I can sell them to you, and ship from Seattle. They are available on their website also, but instead of 39 euro (20 euro plus 19 euro shipping), I can sell them for $30, shipping included. I selected my favorite 5 patterns and will have 2 of each to sell. They are the perfect size to use as a face covering, on a handbag, or ponytail. Several are promised already, and of course I will want one of each!

Mondo di Colori pattern in Blu. Also comes in Beige, Celeste, Rosso and Verde.
Girasole pattern in Rosso. Also comes in Antico, Azzurro, Bianco e Nero, Blu, Rosse e Nero and Viola.
Merlo pattern in Verde. Also comes in Arancio, Beige and Bordeaux.
Ballerine pattern in Giallo. Also comes in Celeste, Lilla and Rosso.
Fiore Bicolor in Rosso e Blu. Also comes in Azzurro e Nero, Beige e Nero, Celeste and Viola e Blu.

Wishing you all a healthy and safe spring! Yours in shopping, Maren

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