Merry Christmas Music!

Christmas Music: which written by men vs. women?

Silent Night. Definitely a man wrote this. Every woman knows that there is absolutely no “all is calm” any time around the holidays.

I’ll Be Home for Xmas. Man for sure. “I’ll be home for Xmas, you can count on me. If only in my dreams.” Huh? Which is it? Make up your mind. We have meals to plan.

All I Want for Xmas is You. Woman wrote this. She is willing to give up the cutesy jewelry, an ill fitting sweater, and similar re-gifting presents for an actual person.

Dreaming of a White Christmas. “With every Christmas card I write.” Of course this is a woman. Have you ever had a Christmas card written by a man???? Especially one with family photos taken all year long….

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. We all know this was a little girl reporting. Enough said.

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