Day Trip to San Gimignano

A beautiful sunny Sunday here in Florence, so I decided to take a day trip to San Gimignano with Chia. I am obsessed with the salt and pepper shakers I bought there on a recent trip with my daughter. I thought that these would be great Christmas gifts!

It is a bit complicated to take the train and then the bus, but I had done this several times, and felt confident I could go it alone. All was fine except I had neglected to note the Sunday bus schedule…..I made it to the Poggibonsi train station, and then luckily flagged down a taxi that was dropping people off. A short cab ride, and we arrived at the gates to San Gimignano. I bought several of the salt and pepper shakers, and was chatting with the store owner about how to get a cab back to the station. He informed me that it was impossible on Sunday!

Left with no other possibility, I found a hotel for the night, but had no food for Chia! The ceramics shop owner told me that there might be a shop open on Sunday, and they might have dog food. Chia has a very sensitive stomach, and cannot tolerate many foods… The shop was open, and it had one can of dog food, but obviously not food for a little dog with a sensitive stomach!

Again with the help of the ceramics shop owner, I was directed to a charming, out of the way restaurant. This restaurant has over 70 kinds of bruschetta!

Next morning it was foggy, so I couldn’t see the vista from my hotel room. Here is Chia posed in front of the cistern in the center of San Gimignano. Luckily the dog food agreed with her!

Back home in Florence, we are preparing for a tour tomorrow. A Canadian couple on a cruise will be here for only one day. We will visit the mercato, have lunch in my courtyard, do a wine/olive oil/balsamic tasting and then shop for coin jewelry, leather and linens. My coin necklace is the first piece of jewelry I bought here in Florence and still my favorite!

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