Chianti Adventures

My best friend came to spend last week with me, so I planned lots of outings for us. We went to the Corsini Gardens Artigianato & Palazzo. A beautiful garden with shopping from local artisans.

Doesn’t get better than that!


The next day, we hired a car and driver to take us to Greve in Chianti. It has a very famous place Macelleria Falorni, where we made a fast purchase of prosciutto and cheese. Then we went to a darling linens shop and bought some tea towels to bring home as gifts, and a clothing shop with all white pieces.

There are hundreds of vineyards that do wine tastings in Tuscany and Chianti. We opted for one where we could have a five course lunch along with the wine.

Then we were off to tour a silversmith’s factory. Of course our favorite part was the showroom where we bought beautiful candle sticks, and jewelry. Fabulous prices too!

Because so many of the artisans have their workshops outside of Florence, I am thinking about having an artisan aperitivo here at my apartment. Would include the silversmith’s wares, ceramics and maybe handbags from Fabio. Sort of a Tupperware party meets Tuscan artisan work. Think it would be a really fun!

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