A New Kind of Shopping Tour

Through the years I have had requests for a food and wine tour of the local mercato. Just did my first one, and it was lots of fun!

I met my client at her hotel, and took her on the little electric bus across town to the Mercato Sant’Ambrogio. This is similar to the Mercato Centrale, but smaller and with fewer tourists. We bought bufala mozarella cheese, prosciutto and tomatoes and had a coffee. A beautiful piece of foccacia bread and some biscotti were added to our goods, then off to the vino sfuso shop to fill an empty bottle with local wine. A fine bottle of sparkling white wine for 6 euro!

We walked back to my place, and had prosciutto and pecorino cheese with the wine and followed it with a nice Caprese salad. Vin santo with biscotti for dessert, and then we were off for a wine and olive oil tasting.
I just had to stop in to look at some shoes and handbags on the way home… I love pink!

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