Red Shoes!

I have been remiss in giving my men shoppers some attention! On my recent trip to Rome, I was doing some people watching during the evening passeggiata. I love seeing how the Italians dress! I noticed a dapper older man wearing navy chinos, a crisp navy button down shirt, and RED sneakers. These were beautiful leather sneakers, and they made his conservative outfit look fun.

At the Mercato Sant’Ambrogio this morning I saw a young man with a similar outfit. He had on black jeans, a black tee shirt and red leather sneakers.

Think I am onto something here! At the Corsini Garden arts and crafts fair, I found a man making shoes by hand. Love the red laces on the cream and black shoes.

These look super comfortable and not super expensive at under 180 euro.

So, men, think about some red shoes to wear with navy or black. It is all the rage here in Italy.

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