Florence Arts Fair- Part 2

The visit to the Corsini Gardens Arts Fair started out with difficulty, as I got lost after the bus dropped me off….but it was worth the hour of wandering around after I found it!

Couldn’t resist the green velvet Venetian slippers, and have been wearing them around the house all the time.
These are the real deal, not the Chinese made fakes. They also come in canvas and brocades.

Saw these leather bags, and was so tempted to buy one! The artisan workmanship is wonderful.

Was distracted from the bags by these, which fortunately for me, were too big and heavy to take on the bus home!

My other purchase was a kitchen towel made by autistic children to raise money for their foundation. Since I had already bought several in Taormina, I held back and got just one! The children were asked to design the towels using pictures and words that described the pictures: “Sour”, “Good Scent” and “Yellow” to go with the lemons on this towel. Of course now I wish I had purchased a dozen to take to the States as gifts!

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