Summer Means Sandals!

I have been lusting after these rose gold sandals with a little heel and really good quality crystals. Think that they will look great with everything from black jeans to summer dresses. They are similar to my black sandals and my multi colored ones, but they have a heel! I love rose gold! I must have!

Around every corner here in Florence, there is something fun to see. Chia and I have been spending time walking through the city, enjoying the sights and checking out some new shops. I found one that has handmade Italian accessories: scarves, hats and little bags! Of course I had to buy a hat and a scarf! Needed them for upcoming vacation in Cinque Terre, where I will undoubtedly be seen wearing some fabulous rose gold sandals….

2 thoughts on “Summer Means Sandals!”

  1. Ciao, Maren!

    My sister and I met you on the beach in Monterosso last week. I know my sister really enjoyed speaking with you before I arrived from my hike. Thank you for your business card. I will be sure to contact you on my next trip to Florence and will spread the word to family and friends who will be visiting Florence in the future. What a great service you offer! Stay well and enjoy the rest of your stay in Monterosso. What a pleasure meeting Chia, and thank you for sharing your white wine with us at lunch!

    Angela Duke

    1. Thanks, Angela! So glad you wrote, because I could not find your sister’s email and promised to send her the name of the fabulous thermal baths on Ischia. It is called NEGOMBO. Highly recommend it for you. Wishing you a great summer. Maren

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