Summer: Seattle vs. Florence

Weather report from Florence today: 99 degrees. Seattle weather: 70 degrees. As much as I love Florence, I do not love Florence at 99 degrees…..

chia fountain

The shopping here in Seattle, isn’t nearly as much fun as Florence, but Chia enjoys the fountain at University Village.

Just before I left Florence, Fabio appeared with this lovely pink python bag.Pink python bag
It is a great medium sized bag and he made the straps long enough to go over the shoulder!

m'ama non m'ama rings

These dainty rings have been getting lots of attention recently. The goldsmith has several made already, and is in the process of making more with different stones. They can be worn alone, or stacked with two or three. I love my emerald ring. I took a ring my mother gave me and had it remade into this:emerald ring Patting myself on the back for good recycling!

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