Spectacular Tuscan Countryside

Just back from a really beautiful long weekend at the Tuscan country home of a friend. The weather was perfect, and Chia was delighted.chia castelvecchio

Little waterfalls, walks to town for cappuccino and dinners al fresco overlooking the valley of Castelvecchio. maren and chia waterfallvistaLa dolce vita veramente!

This week I have shopping tours, and everyone is eager to see the woven handbags that Fabio has made. Exactly like a well known brand (he worked for them years ago) and at a fraction of the price! I have my eye on the tan one….but he has made mustard, deep chocolate brown and black as well.

And Ricardo has a whole new collection of scarves for spring/summer! Such gorgeous colors- will take some photos this week to show you all!

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