Non-buyers Remorse…..

Of course when I am back in Seattle, I think about all of the lovely things I should have purchased while I was in Florence! Non-buyers remorse for me….I regret not buying a pair of the blush pink sandals. Blush sandal I somehow convinced myself that owning a black pair and a pair of white with multi colored flowers would sandalssandal 1 Silly me!

I am loving the gray woven hobo bag that I got from Fabulous Fabio (as I now call him).

gray hobo

And I also love the gray pearl earrings and the Nudo earrings from the goldsmith.
IMG_3773IMG_4013 I had debated white versus gray pearls, but am very happy I selected the gray. I have been wearing them lots! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the green stone and gold, long necklace that was not ready before I left. Seeing the beautiful London blue topaz Nudo ring my daughter’s friend asked me to get for her, makes me want one of those too!IMG_0166

I’m all set to return to Florence for the fall shopping season, so if you want me to do some remote shopping for you, just let me know. Or better yet, come and shop with me in Florence!

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