My Life is in the Toilet!

Friday I was on my way to the Tuscan countryside to a friend’s home, so of course allowed plenty of time to get a cab to the train station. No taxi available! Italian cell phone out of minutes! Tick tock….Luckily for me one of the women who works in my apartment building helped me get my bag and Chia to the bus stop, then sprinted to buy me a bus ticket!

It was a gorgeous weekend with lounging outside overlooking the valley in Castelvecchio, eating way too much yummy Italian local food and living la dolce vita. Right up until the moment I dropped my IPhone into the toilet. MY WHOLE LIFE IN THE TOILET!!! No way to call my 92 year old mother, no internet, no camera, no Italian dictionary….

Phone has been packed in a zip lock with rice for exactly 33 1/2 hours now. Must wait until 48 hours have passed to see if it is salvaged. I am going crazy without it!

So I consoled myself with a trip to the goldsmith today. rose and white gold with pearls Love the detail of the rose and white gold with the pearls in this necklace.

Flower earrings My client today ordered the mother of pearl earrings and I am considering the black diamond pave necklace.
Flower Pendent

Must distract myself until I can see if the IPhone still works! If not, thankfully there is a new Apple store here in Florence, and I have the insurance on it. Might need the new necklace to help me overcome the trauma though!

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