I Am Afraid…..

Yes, I am very afraid! My friends have booked us into a cabin at Mt. Baker that has no cell service and no internet. I fear they are staging a shopaholic intervention….must hide my new blue suede boots!IMG_0014

The classic silk bracelet I just bought in white gold like my rose gold one is going into the safety deposit box. img699

And I really must try not to tell them about the Nudo pave diamond earrings on my Christmas wish list…..pomellato-nudo-bague-solitaire-diamants-a-b501-o6-b9The earrings will look like this ring, except rose gold with the diamonds…..but SHHHHH!

If I am lucky, my friends will just let me off with a stern warning that I must try to control my shopping urges. I will, of course, agree. At least until I get back to Florence!

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