Home for the Holidays

nudo-ringearringsJust landed in Seattle for the holidays, but still busy with gold jewelry for clients! About to send off several Nudo rings and a Nudo pendant too. The photo is my Nudo ring and earrings. Here are just a few more available stones for the Nudo pieces. nudo-colors

And since I am sure that my daughters never take the time to read my blog, I won’t ruin the surprise Christmas gift I helped design for them… etruscan-pendant The pendant is just like my Etruscan earrings, which can be made with a little diamond or other stone in the center, or made dangling.etruscan-earring-dangle-with-diamond
Christmas decorations abound in Florence already! I will post some photos next week when I have recovered from jet lag!

2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays”

  1. Hi Maren! Just remembering the lovely time we spent with you in Florence in October. Hope you will have a wonderful holiday season with your family. If you are in the San Francisco area and would like to get together for an aperitivo let us know. We would love to see you. Thank you for all your kindness.
    Bisous to you and Chia!

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