Countdown to Florence!

Busy here in Seattle getting everything organized for my absence. I have been going through my travel sundries, and come upon about a million travel size shampoos, lotions, etc. from various hotels….

This year, I am gathering all of the sample size “free gifts with purchase”, and the hotel things, and taking them to the local women’s shelter. I encourage all of you to do the same. Many of these women leave abusive situations with only the clothes they are wearing. Little comforts like some nice lotion mean a lot to them. So join me in a spring cleaning and help a worthy cause too!

Not only am I getting busy with spring shopping clients, I am booking many people for next fall! I have had quite a few 2nd time shoppers, and this fallDebbie and Malcolm
my first time 4th shoppers are coming again! In the photo you see last year’s purchases: an Italian blazer and shoes on Malcolm, and short boots and a bag on Deb. This year, we will be looking for something extra special to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Hope to see lots of you again this year in Florence!

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