Chia Is In Jail!!!

Well, not exactly IN jail….Chia is photographed in front of a cell door in Le Murate, which is across the street from our apartment. It started out as a monastery in 1424, and then became a prison for about 100 years. Now it is a compound of restaurants and apartments.

I am so excited about the new bags Fabio has made! They are small to medium size laser cut in fabulous colors.Laser bag smallLaser bag mediumLaser bag largeLaser bag large with python longer shoulder strap
I have never seen bags like these. So detailed, so dainty, so different!

And if that weren’t enough, the goldsmith has been dangling goodies in front of me this week…
Nymph rose gold bracelet

Triangles bracelet

amethyst and rose gold bracelet I have decided upon a pair of Australian pearl earrings in gray wih a little diamond accent. I really, really NEEDED these! Pearl and diamond studs

I just love shopping here in Florence. I am doing quite a bit of “remote” shopping for my clients now too. Shoes are risky since they can be difficult to fit, but the handbags and jewelry are not!

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