Awesome Assisi Weekend

Chia and I spent a beatiful weekend in Assisi, which is such a charming town. Maren and Chia Assisi
We went with my dear friend, Katherine, as she wanted to go to mass at the church of St. Francis. Would have been a perfect weekend except we arrived late Saturday afternoon, and all the shops were closed Sunday and Monday morning! Still lusting after a darling small oil carafe I saw in a shop window. Might have to go back to buy it….

We have returned to Florence and taking 3 groups shopping this week. Today I picked up my 34th wedding anniversary gift from the goldsmith. From my husband via the goldsmith that is!my new bracelet I just love it!

I covet this woven hobo bag made by Fabio. He is still making a few bags with the leftover materials from his son’s factory. You can see by the goofy smile on my face how much I love this bag! A former shopping client just bought it, so it is going to San Francisco right now. Fingers crossed that Fabio will make a similar bag for me! The weaving on the bag is perfect and the leather so soft. I have seen the identical bag in a high end designer store for over three times the price!!!Hobo woven bag

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