Attention All Handbag Lovers!

Friday evening I was invited to go to Fabio’s son’s factory to see some new handbags that he has made. I was so excited and not disappointed! A unique selection of gorgeous bags that had my head spinning! It was a long weekend so the factory was closed, and Fabio gave me the real inside tour: racks of leather leftovers, jackets being made for some BIG designers and of course, his little corner of the factory with his work table. leather This is just one section of leather piecesbeige laser bagpurple python out of about 12!

black wovenbeige laser with holes

There are several other unique handbags too, but I am holding them for clients who asked for particular bags!

Meanwhile, back at the goldsmith, I am having a necklace made in shades of green with rose gold to go with my green earrings. IMG_3773

Long mixed stones necklace Love the combination of the gold pieces with the colored stones in a long necklace. Think it will be perfect and not too, “matchy, matchy.”

I will be returning to Seattle for July and August, but am taking requests for remote shopping itineraries. Seems that I can’t stop shopping even when I am not here in Florence!

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