Wintertime in Seattle…

chia comment
This is Chia’s comment on the weather in Seattle’s winter – I agree! It is still mostly sunny and in the mid-50’s in Florence…

I celebrated Thanksgiving by having sinus surgery, which did get me out of making the turkey dinner at least! Chia has been with me on the big bed recuperating for several weeks now. chia on bed

The ladies from Houston received their beautiful gold necklaces and matching bracelets. It was a long waiting time, but I think worth it!necklace

Fabio’s son tells me that he is making more bags, and I am excited to see what he has come up with this time. Here in Seattle shopping at the flagship Nordstrom store, I have so many sales people and customers alike compliment me on my Fabio bag. Santa is bringing one to each of my daughters, who will be thrilled!

Must get the energy to put up the Christmas tree, but it is so cold and rainy outside that all I want to do is stay in bed…view Did see a bit of sun the other day between downpours…

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