Tough Choices!

The only down side of taking people shopping here in Florence is that I see all the beautiful things, and want them all! Choices must be made. necklace This is what I chose! It is rose gold with Australian pearls in white, yellow and black. It can be made with Chinese pearls, but I had to have the Australian…..chia in pearlsEven Chia looks good in them! The other thing I had made is actually a recycling effort, so hardly counts as a purchase at all….I took a ring my mother gave me and had the emeralds put into a new ring. emerald ring

So, goodbye navy suede boots (am wanting these but tall version)…..IMG_0014 Arrivederci fabulous woven bag… black woven I must leave you both here in Florence for someone else! But I think I can get a few new scarves at least…..And I am thinking that we should instate a gift giving policy for the one who makes Thanksgiving dinner!!! Comfy suede boots maybe….

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